Dance Collective: Ordley, Late Night Therapy, Leon Thomas x IDOL, Gian Varela x Damon Sharpe, 1tbsp

Here’s the latest a round of dance-worthy, electro-fuelled tracks for you lovely lot to check out! As always, we keep out doors open for all kinds of electronic music and that shows in the eclectic mix below.

Australian newcomer Ordley is making thoughtful electronica for fans of Fred Again, Tourist and Darkus. His music taps into the cultural events and his own personal experiences, as you’ll hear in the ambient ‘we’re the last to leave’, which was made after the producer heard a news piece about how young people’s employment still hasn’t recovered following the pandemic. As a result, this cautious song mirrors the tension and anxiety of expecting life to go a certain way, but it going another. We’re helpless on the tide of life, reflected in the ebbs and flows of this organic tune.

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Over the past few months, Sydney-based producer Late Night Therapy has been busy creating a series of tracks that meld together electronica and progressive house. It’s in tracks like ‘Through Your Eyes’ that you can detect this productive frenzy over those summer days holed up in the studio, using the acts of music as the producer’s main mental and emotional outlet. This song in particular flits energetically around the space in search of a new perspective, another angle, a place outside of oneself that’ll give both the creator and the listener new-found wisdom.

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Sometimes remixes are nothing more than a few beats thrown over an original track, like you’ll find in some of the pop charts, but where the real magic happens is when a producer’s remake not only shows their craft and a creative new direction, but when it enhances the recording. This is what you’ll find with IDOL’s remix of Leon Thomas’ single ‘Breaking Point’, which was made out of great affection for the original. The soulful vocals and emotive core are still there, but there’s a new sense of nostalgic with the two-stepping rhythms, old-school R&B and UK garage elements.

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We’ve got an exciting collaboration this week between Panamanian pioneer Gian Varela and producer Damon Sharpe for a soulful, progressive house track ‘Faces’. Released via Laidback Luke’s Mixmash Records and featuring singer-songwriter Matluck, this track is one of the deepest creations in Varela’s career so far, but it’s also a special showcase of each of the contributor’s talents. This track peers behind the masks that we all wear to look at those faces that are authentic and all too often hidden. This important message can be found embedded in complex layers of latin rhythms, electro-pop hooks, cinematic melodies, and groovy bass.

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For the uninitiated, Purple Melon regular 1tbsp is Maxwell Byrne, one of Australia’s leading producers, with multiple projects, incredible collaborations and now an Australian Grammy Award nomination. His creativity is seemingly restless and over the past few months, he’s been cooking up a batch of new 1tbsp tracks, including ‘No Nein’, co-written by fellow creator and close friend Mietze Conte. It’s a bouncy piece of alternative house hinged on a two-step beat, whomping synths and otherworldly voice clips. For all its strangeness, it’s undeniably hypnotizing and has us wanting more from Byrne this year.

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