Joe Luke Bailey is back with his charity single ‘It’s Christmas’

Quite a few artists and bands, from the biggest names right on through to grassroots talents, put out Xmas songs at this time of year. But not that many put out entire albums. Look out Michael Buble, Joe Luke Bailey is coming for your job! That’s because the British singer and songwriter is preparing to release his festive EP, This Time Of Year, and our first taste of it is ‘It’s Christmas’.

There’s no hiding the seasonal theme of this track and that’s exactly the way that Bailey wants his. He’s become rather well-known for his tributes to Christmas songs of old which started last year with his Home For Christmas album. What’s great about this artist is that he’s not interested in the capitalist and materialist version of this time of year, instead he’s using his talent to raise money and awareness for those in need. Through these Christmas songs, Bailey is raising funds for Give A Gift, a Southampton charity that collects and then distributes presents to children in time for the special day.

‘It’s Christmas’ is a vibrant, happy and celebratory track perfect for playing right throughout December! Look out for Joe Luke Bailey’s This Time Of Year EP arriving next week on December 7th.

It’s Christmas’ is a tribute to Christmas bangers of old. I wanted to incorporate as many little nods to 60s and 70s festive hits as I could in one song, and I think it turned out pretty great! Lyrically, the song is about having a revolving door of guests – family and friends coming and going over the Xmas period. Because that’s what Christmas is all about!”

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