CHATTERBOX: Caleb Miller

Hey Caleb Miller, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Could you tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?

There’s nothing about me that nobody knows, but a little known fact is that my very first instrument (besides the recorder in grade school) was a djembe! It’s a big drum that you hit in different places to make different tones. Everything I do now is very percussive, and that’s why!

When did you first start making music in earnest?

I always played music growing up in whatever environments I could, and I’ve also always been a song writer, but I started taking it seriously and taught myself how to produce music two years ago.

We’ve just heard the new single ‘HANDSOME’ which is such a sensitive interplay between good songwriting and catchy pop. Can you take us through your songwriting process?

First off, I appreciate the compliment of ‘HANDSOME’ being good song writing. It felt so simple leaving my brain, but I’m glad it’s being received well. Most of the time when I write I’m either building a vibe around a lyric idea, or building lyrics off a certain production element that I love. The chorus of ‘HANDSOME’ just popped into my head one day when I was driving around, and I built the rest of the song around the bouncy lyrics of the chorus. 

‘HANDSOME’ is such an upbeat song, perfect for playing when one needs an energy boost. Do you often turn to music when you need an uplift?

I listen to music to reset my moods every single day! Maggie Rogers and The 1975s newest records are my go to’s right now.

You’re from the American state of Colorado which is pretty well known for its nature and alternative scenes, but how does your home inspire you?

Colorado is absolutely beautiful! I think there’s something really special about being somewhere that everyone wants to be. Places like NYC and Colorado feel that way to me. Beautiful and desired. I think it’s impossible to not feed creativity off of that energy in the air. 

Who are your favourite local artists right now?

I honestly wish I could tell you some local artists that I love! I don’t feel like Colorado Springs has a reputation for making artists. Hopefully we can change that a little bit.

We’ve loved discovering your music through this debut, so we want to know, are you already working on something new?

I’m always working on something new! I may or may not have most of my first album done, and I’m very excited to release the singles piece by piece. We’ve created a really special sound that I adore. I’m just getting started over here.

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