‘Love or a Lie’ is Jack Hawitt’s latest passionate pop anthem

Singer-songwriter Jack Hawitt has just released a stirring new single titled ‘Love or a Lie’, which expresses the uneasy road that can come up in life when you’re in a relationship, whether it’s just blossoming or it’s an old constant. Co-written with Camden Cox and Joe Warriner, the grandiose sound of this layered pop production gives greater weight to this heart-filled anthem. Undoubtedly, Hawitt’s voice is a powerhouse of strong emotion that ultimately turns to the positive side of the story in a way that’s uplifting and reassuring to the listener. Love as long as it’s true, is there for all of us.

If this is your first time coming across Jack Hawitt, then let’s give you a little bit of background. Currently based in London, this artist is originally from the Northern English region of Cumbria and he’s still deeply connected to those roots even while living in the capital city. He also began releasing music in 2017, although it was the release of his 2021 EP, The Sound of Us, that was the real turning point for Hawitt with hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams.

‘Love or a Lie’ is Jack Hawitt’s fourth single this year and it makes up a narrative of love, lust, longing and passion from the perspective of a member of the LGBTQ+ community. We’re seriously impressed by this artist’s talent and productivity, so we’re sure this won’t be the last time he’s featured here on Purple Melon.

I wanted it to have a hopeful message and feel euphoric.

Follow Jack Hawitt on Instagram.

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