Introducing Claudia Bouvette with instant alt-pop hit ‘Solo Night’

Montreal-based Claudia Bouvette just released her debut album, The Paradise Club, which ingratiates listeners into her vast musical universe with combines the core style of electro-pop with tangible elements of analogue instrumentation, like synthesizers, bass, electric guitar and drums. One track that typifies the artist’s sound is the entrancing single ‘Solo Night’.

Produced by Connor Seidel (Charlotte Cardin, Les soeurs Boulay), ‘Solo Night’ is a cool and understated homage to individual freedom, especially after breaking away from a controlling relationship or a toxic connection. Like Bouvette decisively sings “this hypocrite’s gotta go” in her unique and dreamy alternative-pop vocal tones. Her voice melds beautifully with the ’90s-inspired backdrop, which is punctuated with a thick bass groove, sauntering drums and bubbling synths.

The video, directed by Lou-Pascal Tremblay, is further testament to the liberated joy that Bouvette expresses here. Her movements in the visuals are loud, bold and unfiltered, while the camera soaks her in vibrant hues of red, blue, green, orange, yellow and green. ‘Aint no way to be down when you’re this colourful.

Tell me you don’t see me and know that I’m way too good for you, Imma split now, Imma call my, Imma call my girls up.”

Follow Claudia Bouvette on Instagram.

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