HBO writer and artist Chris Gabo reveals innovative new mixtape ‘Price of Anarchy’

Columbian- American Hip-Hop artist and HBO writer Chris Gabo is ending the year with a bang as he reveals his highly anticipated new mixtape ‘Price of Anarchy’. Somewhat or a dark horse, not only is Chris a talented rapper and musician he’s also a prolific writer having recently written six episodes of In Treatment, as well as being the consulting producer for The Weeknd’s show The Idol. Having such a prominent career in both Film/TV and music is no mean feat and the synergy between these two passions effortlessly seeps into both sides of his artistry as he taps into a diverse range of musical influences.

‘Price of Anarchy’ is 14 tracks deep and not only showcases Chris Gabo impressive vocal prowess but also offers a unique perspective into a more vulnerable side to the artist, allowing fans to connect even deeper. Acting as a hyper lyrical follow-up to his previous mixtape ‘Exit Interview’ which was noted for pushing boundaries and incorporating complex melodic soundscapes throughout, Chris Gabo returns to gift his listeners with his style, adaptability and heart-on-sleeve storytelling.

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