Ramzi’s optimistic ballad ‘Amazing’ puts love first

Ramzi has been exposed to a wealth of cultures and musical genres, from his parent’s Lebanese heritage, to his Nigerian upbringing, to his current life in London. Along the way, he’s grown to love pop, soul, afrobeat and power ballads, although it’s clear that for the message that he wants to express in new single ‘Amazing’, it’s simplicity that says it best.

His soulful voice moves through an array of feelings, reflecting the rollercoaster that love takes you on. It’s backed by a clean grand piano and upbeat pop production that’ll lift your spirits.

‘Amazing’ is ultimately an optimistic ballad from this accomplished musician, singer-songwriter and producer that’ll help you say how much you love another, even if words aren’t your forte. Don’t worry, Ramzi has got your covered.

It’s about love and how amazing it is even with all the struggles that come with it. The song sums up my marriage and every time I’ve been in love throughout my life. I felt it was important to draw on real life experiences that others could also relate to.”

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