CHATTERBOX: Dylan Owen discusses his newest single with Kinetics & One Love as well as future plans & musical influences

Dylan Owen teams up with highly accredited songwriting team and hip hop duo Kinetics & One Love for the release of ‘Hurt Enough’. This highly anticipated Dylan and Kinetics reunion comes nine years after their first collaboration “In the Corner” off Dylan’s fan-favourite Keep Your Friends Close EP. The lyrics see Dylan opening up about a recent breakup and his struggle to find closure, building upon the narrative of self-discovery that began on his September single “Young Skins.” Here to open up some more, Dylan sits down with the Purple Melon crew to discuss his newest single, career highlights and collaborations.

Could you describe your sound and style for those of our readers who may not have heard of Dylan Owen before? 

I say what’s in my heart and take the deepest thoughts and fears I have and I put them into rap music. Usually with a backdrop of violins and guitars. No idea what my genre is, but you could call it singer-songwriter meets hip hop, I guess. Or just alternative or emotional rap.

How are you feeling now that ‘Hurt Enough’ is out in the world, is the reaction so far what you’d hoped for? 

The reaction has been insane. It has been spreading like crazy which I’m beyond thankful for. I’ve been seeing people use the song in videos drawing anime, skateboarding, doing all kinds of things, and people are rocking my “You weren’t hurt enough for me” t-shirts from Cincinnati to Germany to Oklahoma to Canada. Fans have been asking me to collaborate with Kinetics again for years since the “Keep Your Friends Close” days, but it’s nice to see it resonate with a whole new audience of my fans now.

What sounds and influences have gone into your music recently? 

I’ve been inspired by my newest music to write songs I want to perform on stage. The last few shows I did were supporting Patrick Droney on tour and it lit a fire under me to make music where I can rap super passionately and get the whole crowd on board. So saying heartfelt things in a slightly bigger way than in my past, I’d say.

‘Hurt Enough’ was released alongside Kinetics & One Love, what was that collaboration process like & how did you end up crossing paths? 

Those guys are old friends of mine, and believe it or not, Kinetics and I lived in the same dorm room years and years apart. One day he randomly came and knocked on my door to visit his old room, and boom…the rest is history. How wild is that?

How have you & Kinetics grown or changed as artists since your last collaboration on “In the Corner”?

I think I’ve ironed out my style more. I’m not afraid to say things that I might have held back on years ago. You know, opening up about a life full of daily battles with my emotions and in my head and heart. I think both Kinetics and I have tightened up our rhyming styles and our approach to flowing over beats in fresh ways, too, and he has been a close confidant for me along the way with all of my stylistic evolution.

What was the inspiration behind the lyrics in ‘Hurt Enough’, was this track based on real-life/ personal experiences for you? 

Always real-life experiences for me. This song is about my relationship ending with a partner who I thought I might be with for the rest of my life. That’s a tough thing to change. But I wanted to embrace independence and wake up on my own for a change as I say in the lyrics. Now I’m out on this wild solo journey of life. Heading into the great abyss on my own after living in upstate New York for a quiet year in the woods processing it all. That’s where I recorded Hurt Enough and a ton of other songs.

What’s been a highlight of creating this track for you? 

The biggest highlight has been seeing it reaching and impacting my fans. Truly. I’m hearing from people who haven’t listened to me in a couple years and so many new people are joining this movement and family, and it’s such a nice reminder of why I’ve dedicated my life to doing this.

Lastly, what’s next for Dylan Owen, what can fans look forward to?

I don’t have my next project perfectly figured out but there’s a new EP on the way. It’s going to be right in line with my other ones, Keep Your Friends Close and There’s More To Life. Another life lesson instalment. This time it’ll be about my current age and phase of life and how to navigate being on your own.

Dylan Owen ft. Kinetics & One Love – ‘Hurt Enough’


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