Watch Johnny Kulo and friends perform ‘Wrong’

Recently, Indian R&B artist Johnny Kulo released silky and soulful single ‘Wrong’, which featured several musicians from Kulos’s new home of Berlin. Some of those talented folk have been featured in the live video for ‘Wrong’, notably Tim-Oliver Bartholomé (guitar) and August Ingram (backing vocals and percussion), as well as specials guests Big Vik Velinov (bass), Elias OG (keys), Andrius Mamontovas II (drums) and Holan (backing vocals).

While the original recording sounds great, we can really see how much fun Johnny Kulo has performing this single and it makes us like that track so much more.

“I imagine the track will make you reminisce, a cheeky escape to a memory that was precious at the time. Wandering into the idea of what could’ve been and what still could be. A song to send to your ex, an apology note of sorts. I don’t think every song needs to be immensely layered with emotion, I’d love for people to just get lost in the groove.

I had worked on something like five different demos of this track a couple years ago, the last one being a live version recorded at Trixx Studios. After a couple years in the graveyard, when I found the files again my producer August Ingram and I made the call to keep the live band feeling, adding only a few more elements to complete it. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of capturing a band in a live set up and turning it into something else so much that I was inspired to repeat the same process for the rest of the tracks on my upcoming EP. Every record in it is sort of frankensteined together from live recordings done at several studios/venues.”

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