Emilia Tarrant surrenders to the winds of change in romantic single ‘September’

Let’s welcome in the winds of change this Friday with a sublime new offering from UK’s rising talent Emilia Tarrant, the eponymous singer-songwriter from the southern town of Winchester. Encased by the luscious Hampshire countryside, Emilia taps into themes of nature and the outdoors throughout her music, artwork and visuals. Noticeably, ‘September’ is inspired by the symbolic transition of seasons to sing about her ability to look inwards and from there, draw up new creativity.

This sophisticated lullaby-esque song was pieced together with fellow singer-songwriter Archie Faulks and in doing so Emilia picks up on her favourite events of the month, for example “berries are bitter, the swallows have flown“. That familiar warmth and intimacy that we’ve heard in past songs like ‘Here You Are, Again’ is brought to the fore once again by constant producer Luke Potashnick.

Warm analog crackles represent the crackle of fallen leaves underfoot; the steady, brushed percussion predict the slower pace of colder months ahead; Emilia’s soft vocals and the subtle guest harmonies give credence to the intimacy of time indoors. Probably our favourite line that sums this song up is “September, leaving me tender, I just surrender”, because fighting against the natural course of things won’t get you anywhere – go with it.

“September has to be my favourite song from my debut Honeymoon Phase EP. I wrote it with the lovely Archie Faulks back in September (of course) last year, during a time when I was quite reflective on 2020 and the end of summer. I feel September is a month of ‘drawing the curtains’ as autumn arrives, which can be quite tough, and ‘tender’ for some. We took lyrical inspiration from the events of the month, my favourites having to be ‘berries are bitter, the swallows have flown’. I loved exploring this sort of lyricism with Archie, as well as picking up it’s pace with producer Luke Potashnick (Gabrielle Aplin) in the studio. As the final track of the EP, we wanted its production to be quite ethereal; a calming way to encapsulate and reflect on the EP as a collection of thoughts.”

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