Mini Melon Mix ups: FYA FOX, KINNSHIP & PABLO NOUVELLE, Olivia White & Sarah Tromley

Welcome, welcome one and all. Its Mini Melon Mix up time! Ahead of a lovely long weekend we have hand picked, selflessly selected and carefully collected a wonderful mix of new tunes especially for you, our fruity friends.

So plug in and play to get you ready for a weekend of wonder!

The first tune to start us off this week is the brand new, endlessly edgy, alt-pop single ‘Need it’ by Irish artist FYA FOX. A hard hitting bass lays down the feel for this track, partnered with FYA’s versatile, cinematic and simply stunning vocal. Gorgeous, sparse production cuts through the air and overflows with a sophistication that often eludes the most seasoned of songwriters, this is emotive left-field pop at its finest. ‘Need it’ commands attention, so add it to your playlists now!

“Need It is infectious! On the way home from the studio I’ve been pumping this track through the speakers thinking, ‘I want people to hear this’. Have you ever been totally consumed after a literal 1 second distraction? Mute that notification, they aren’t worth it!” – FYA FOX

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Next up we have an incredible collab. Pablo Nouvelle has teamed up with Kinnship to bring us the expertly crafted new single ‘MEDICINE’. With production so clean, it could slice through your speakers like a knife, Kinnships vocals are then the cherry on top of a perfectly baked cake. Moist, light, and incredibly more-ish, it lingers on the lips and leaves your tastebuds in a trance. The tonality of both the synths selected and the voicing is truly out of this world. One I want to find, live in and never leave. Sensational stuff. This is one drop of ‘MEDICINE’ we’d happily double dose on.

In terms of composition and production, the song is quite unique, because we’ve already integrated it’s remix, so to speak. The playfulness that Kinnship and I feel in the studio manifests itself quite well in that complete flip in the second half of the track. We wanted to know how our song would sound in a different dress, so we went and found out.” Pablo Nouvelle

Medicine was one of a few tracks we made in Pablo Nouvelle’s studio in Zurich, as we were finishing up the album. I think I had been too busy and must have got a cold as I arrived. Frustrated, and not feeling 100%, I decided to write about something really banal but with layers beneath it. I’m intrigued by songs that on surface level are about one thing, but as you dive deeper, they are about something completely different. This song here, is inspired by a cold, but is actually about human fragility and how we cannot always do things in our own strength.”Kinnship

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We’re in the world of perfect pop next with Olivia Whites ‘Unrequited’. Light, airy and full of those feel good summer vibes, ‘Unrequited’ is overflowing with all those delectable pop sensibilities we live to love to see. Catchy, effortless melodies sung by seriously capable vocals, this single has everything you need wrapped up and tied with a bow!

“about that day that you finally wake up and realise you are no longer affected by a person who hurt you.”Olivia White

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To finish this weeks mix up we’re landing on the fiery little RnB bop ‘Fake It’ from Sarah Tromley. Short in length but oh so sweet, Sarahs vocals lusciously lay over a punchy hip-hop beat. Sultry, smooth and sublimely cool, Sarah cements her place as an exciting new one to watch with ‘Fake it’. Look out for more from this RnB songstress.

“This track came from the idea that we as women are forced to “fake it til we make it” in so many parts of our lives, including sex… that its almost freeing when you find something that’s real. The first time you no longer have to fake it leaves you chasing a high of authenticity. Real emotion. Feeling alive. We need to feel safe and loved enough to show up as our truest selves in all aspects of life, especially in the bedroom.”Sarah Tromley

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