7 Purple Tigers return with their glorious new single, ‘Ignorance Is Blitz’

Based out of Freiburg, Germany and founded in the basement bars and clubs of the Old Town of Kraków, Poland by Austin Horn (singer/rhythm guitar) and Phil Dyszy (lead guitar/backing vocals), burgeoning indie band 7 Purple Tigers return with their glorious new single, ‘Ignorance Is Blitz’.

Bathed in nostalgic goodness, the Trans-Atlantic quartet emerge with their most complex and refined sound yet, reminiscent of the likes of 2010 legends, the Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks, but with a modern twist.

Featuring smooth production, a sultry bassline and polished & perfected instrumentation, ‘Ignorance Is Blitz’ is a treat for the eyes and ears. Dyszy’s upbeat, clean guitar open the single, setting the stage for Horn’s vocals that tell of a relationship that was doomed from the start whilst Sebastian Heieck bass and Felix Schwer’s drums guide the tempo and keep the rhythm. Breathing and evolving with the track, layers dip in and out, while Horn moves between wry singing and chants right at home with the greatest anthems indie rock has to offer.

Speaking on the message behind the single, 7 Purple Tigers explain:

“The track is a reflection on a relationship that failed from both parties coming into it as a cure for loneliness but found that neither was the right person for the other. It avoids both self-deprecation and accusing the other person in favour of a more tongue-in-cheek approach in the verses; more of a “yea, well that was dumb, huh?””

7 Purple Tigers – Ignorance Is Blitz


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