CHATTERBOX: Folk-pop artist ADONI talks inspiration, going solo & his newest single, ‘The Storm’

Italian-Greek artist ADONI unveils his uplifting new single ‘The Storm’, channelling indie-pop and Americana influences into a folk soundscape. The track’s mellow beginning centres around finger-picked guitar melodies and shimmering synths, before soaring into a full-bodied atmosphere driven by dynamic percussion and electric guitar riffs. Inspired by his home and his love of the sea, ADONI sits down with us to talk all things, ‘The Storm’…

“I wrote this song inspired by the many emotions that the sea always gives me. I’m talking about a true and daily love, of those loves that break your heart when they finish. But also of all those beautiful emotions and ‘reactions’ that a new beginning can give.”

You’ve just released your newest single & video for the gorgeous folk-pop tune, ‘The Storm’… how’re you feeling about the initial reaction?

I have been extremely excited about the release of my first new single, I really wanted to show everyone my inner soul through the piece. I wasn’t expecting such a positive  reaction from my audience. I’m so glad about the whole process that is giving me so much strength and excitement. This is a very good starting point.

You’re still relatively new to being a solo artist despite years of experience playing, do you still get nervous when releasing a new track? 

Of course I am.  When you are creating something that makes you feel naked in front of a huge audience  I think it’s normal to feel the pressure and excitement of revealing the real “yourself”.   In addition, you can’t really predict what the audience reactions will be and, as an artist, it’s really important  feeling people’s support and warmth.

What finally pushed you to release music on your own… what changed? 

I feel truly lucky to have been able to collaborate with very competent artists in the music scene, I learnt from every single of them so many things and the most of them have become close friends. But, I felt a strong need to tell my own story, through in my own words  in order to share with the fans which steps made me become the artist that I am now. 

⁃ We love knowing the origin story behind artist and band names… where did ADONI come from? 

Talking about the choice of the name I decided to use ADONI because is the way that my Greek grandma and the hellenic part of my family used to call me. I obviously couldn’t use the Greek alphabet so I just tried to adjust it in order to make everyone able to pronounce the word in the same way that it really sounds. 

⁃ Could you tell us a fun fact about yourself that we can’t find from Google or social media? 

Something extremely funny that you won’t find anywhere is a fact that happened when I was a child, 5 years old. I was with my grandfather during a beautiful summer evening. He fell asleep before me and I felt the urge to go to the harbour. I put my shoes on, opened the door and just escaped looking for the sea. I was so determined that I finally reached the harbour and my parents found me hours later just contemplating the water. Can you imagine what a scene: a five years old boy on his own during the night just sitting on the quay? I already was a little gipsy in love with the elements! 

⁃ The Storm’ is inspired by the ocean & the many feelings it conjures within you, where else do you find your sources of inspiration? 

My biggest source of inspiration has been the place where I grow up. A lot of people that come to visit my beautiful island find it too. It’s a place full of stories that entangle together creating a really magical world, everyday it’s like living in a movie. Starry nights, the white moon, the loneliness during the winter time, the minimalism of the people that get beauty from the smallest things, the summer breeze that brings a lot people from different countries and cultures. 

ADONI – ‘The Storm’

⁃ Would you ever branch out into any other genres of music outside of folk? Why/ why not? 

To be honest I don’t particularly choose a precise style but it’s the song that makes me decide which path to follow. It depends on the kind of message that the song wants to communicate and which feelings to evocate. I always try to be extremely flexible about the groove, sounds and style. I love to overcome limits, to handle new challenges and to deepen my knowledge through the use of a huge range of different styles.

⁃ Lastly, what can fans and listeners look forward to next from ADONI? 

Well… I’m going to release a new single really soon which will introduce my first album. I get very emotional just thinking about it as this will be such an important point in my artistic career. I cannot wait to show everyone the synthesis  of my  creative vision thorough it.

Listen to ADONI – ‘The Storm’


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