Mysterious producer Kule Ka$h drops future bass track ‘Still In It’

Kule Ka$h is a bit of an underground name in the EDM world, with no social media platforms and public information, but a healthy following on Spotify, we’re certainly drawn in by the mystery of this producer. They’ve been releasing tracks over the past year and their latest work is ‘Still In It’.

Firmly rooted in the future bass genre, ‘Still In It’ centers around a well-constructed melody that tells of the struggles of a relationship in its final days. These uncomfortable emotions contrast with Ka$h’s warm production and outgoing energy, making this a more complex track that it may seem in the first few seconds.

Check out ‘Still In It’ below.

“Still In It is all about trying to keep a relationship alive and together, with one person wanting to leave but struggling to let go.”

Follow Kule Ka$h on Spotify.

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