CHATTERBOX: London RnB duo DVTN discuss new music, partnership & future plans

Hello DVTN, thanks so much for agreeing to chat with us. First things first, for those who may not know, introduce yourselves and DVTN, tell us a little about yourselves as a group.

Thank you for having us! So we are a brother and sister duo who go by the names Daniel and Peace. We’ve been writing and recording music for more than a decade but we still feel like newbies in the game.

Could you each tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know or can’t easily find from a Google search?

We actually started singing in church and were a part of separate music groups, Daniel was a rapper for a group called ‘Warriors’, and Peace had her own girl group called ‘Virtuous Youth’ lol. Needless to say we found our own blend and decided to stick as a duo instead – we think that worked out quite nicely

Your latest single ‘False Alarm’ was released recently following a 2-year hiatus from music. What made you decide to return to the scene now?

Music has always been our outlet and we often write from our experiences and lessons. Within those 2 years me and Peace had a lot of personal stuff going on that made us sort of take a back seat from writing. We did do all we could to keep ourselves active in music such as live shows and collaborative gigs here and there but we purposely gave ourselves some time to get back in the booth and write again. I would say we are in a much better head space and have got a lot to say since taking a break so we are keen to share exactly what we’ve learnt from it.

What was the inspiration/ driving force behind the creation of ‘False Alarm’ & what was the creative/ songwriting process like between the two of you?

‘False Alarm’ was mainly inspired about finding love you didn’t actually want, which sounds strange lol but it’s really quite romantic. It’s about a love you didn’t plan for, unexpected, but once you were there you realised wow, this is amazing, and sometimes we meet people and think ‘oh here we go’ another relationship failure and suddenly they become everything you’ve ever wanted or needed. 

Any highlights from this release/ memorable moments during the creative process?

It’s always a pleasure hearing from our listeners, family and friends but what really was surprising is how much radio play we were able to get this song on. One of our highlights was being interviewed by Kim Davis and Raffaella Coleman on BBC Radio London.

What makes your partnership work so effectively?

Our ability to listen and compromise has proven to be effective especially during our creative process. It’s funny because we don’t have to do much compromising as our ideas often compliment each other and we are able to merge them into what you hear today! 

What can fans look forward to next from DVTN?

So we’ve got a couple of singles coming out this year, in spring and hopefully summer, then we’re gearing up for our 3rd EP ‘Sit With Us’ which is going to be music straight from the heart, without sounding cheesy. 

Any advice or tips for fellow artists struggling to remain motivated or creative through this difficult time?

Reflect on the things you love most about YOUR music and don’t be afraid to write about your experiences. Also surround yourself with the things that motivate you and people who inspire you to create.

Physical Copies or Streaming sites? (for owning/collecting music)

Streaming sites

Top 3 favourite vocalists?

Jasmine Sullivan, PJ Morton , Alex Isley.

Dream collaboration? (dead or alive)


Most played artist of 2020?

Jasmine Sullivan

Mali Music

A song you wish you wrote?

Pray For Love by Kwabs

Stresam DVTV – False Alarm


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