Asha Gold perfectly mixes R&B and pop in newest single ‘Naive’

Purple Melon mainstay Asha Gold is back with her newest single ‘Naive’. Once again this UK up-and-comer walks the line between R&B and pop while dealing out her undeniably luscious voice.

We love the backdrop of playful-yet-sophisticated beats that provide layers of texture in contrast to those silky-smooth meldies. A highlight of ‘Naive’ is around the 2:10 mark when that crisp production swirls into a floating breakdown, leading us right out of the track but making us want to go back for more.

Written back in 2019 with Mitch Jones, Gold decided that now was the perfect time to share this single and with that, she also tells us the story of that first songwriting session with Jones in the quote below.

Overall, ‘Naive’ is a super relatable track that speaks to anyone’s past experience of unrequited love, unequal relationships, poor communication and those essential life lessons.

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The lyrics just fell out and within an hour we had the song — the verses were almost a freestyle when I was recording them. It’s about the ultimate confusion when someone is giving you mixed signals to the point where you begin to wonder whether they’re doing the same thing with somebody else… When a situation is not progressing, efforts are not reciprocated, and it’s all talk and no action, it feels like it’s more headspace than it’s worth. 

The beat began as an 808 pattern but we felt it was too conventional, so we replaced everything with these whacky percussion samples which have become integral to my sound and its uniqueness — it’s a song full of surprises.”

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