Alex Frew reignites 2021 with ‘Something To Hold Onto’

We were first introduced to Alex Frew last year as this teenage songwriter first began his public forays into sharing his music in the forms of ‘Get Out Alive’ and ‘Antisocial Love Song’. Those themes of love, anxiety and coming-of-age that we heard in 2020 have come to the forefront once again in Frew’s third single ‘Something To Hold Onto’.

While the new song has the impression of radio-ready pop, it strays from convention in the narrator is not the artist or an imagined protagonist, but the very vice which has attached itself to that vulnerable individual. The vice is open to interpretation, made that way so each listener can find themselves within Frew’s words.

Speaking on this unconventional approach, the young Canadian artist shares: “This is a viewpoint that I have always wanted to explore in my songwriting It’s asking: “If my addictions had the ability to speak, what would they say?” This song is a way in which I can navigate that perspective.”

The stunning music video also closes with a series of helpline numbers from around the world to further promote mental health awareness.

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