Tim Plvnk indulges his sweet tooth with ‘Cookie Dough’

German producer and Universal Music Germany signee has dropped a tasty treat this Friday in the form of the deliciously upbeat ‘Cookie Dough’. Having spent time in Spain during his youth, the DJ/producer first began playing and experimenting at the tender age of 16. Branching out on his own only last year, his second single ‘I JUST WANT YOU’ has impressively reached over 3 million streams so far.

‘Cookie Dough’ is a sweet, light hearted, funky dance-pop track that presents pitched vocals, a catchy hook and crisp progressions.

“With ‘Cookie Dough,’ my team and I wanted to make a track that spreads joy and positivity throughout. ‘Cookie Dough’ is a synonym for the goals each one of us wants to achieve in life. We’ve tried to include this idea by creating a funny story between and man and woman that leaves much room for interpretation.” – Tim Plvnk

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