Gabrielknowseverything reveals all in new album ‘Philistine’

Gabrielknowseverything has unveiled his highly anticipated album – ‘Philistine’, his most raw, revealing, honest collection of work so far, it openly explores the complexities of belonging and identity.

With pensive lyricism that oozes integrity, ‘Philistine’ champions diversity and individuality at its core. Filled with 11 tracks, each containing an underlying air of haziness, as if directly inserting the listener into the mind of the artist. With a message so authentically shared, gabrielknowseverything combines this rarity with an expert, alternative blend of hip-hop and rock, polished off with his unique and purposeful RnB vocal.

“Philistine is a personal expression of identity, or the lack thereof. It is an album for anyone who has ever felt disenfranchised, either for being an immigrant, or for those who are identified as strangers in a strange land. There is power in this lack of identity once we embrace it. Philistine is all about embracing that disenfranchisement, and turning it into a powerful strength, rather than a fault. I drew on my experiences as a son of a refugee, as a Palestinian-American, and as an absentee poet, per Khalil Gibran, as inspiration for these concepts. Our differences, ultimately, define us as who we are, and this is Philistine’s most important message. My name is Gabrielknowseverything, I am Palestinian-American, my family hails from Gaza, I was born and raised in the United States, and I am a Philistine.” – gabrielknowseverything.


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