Rosita’s reveals her latest smooth R&B single ‘3am’

Rosita returns to the scene with a slice of smooth, late-night R&B in the form of her latest single ‘3am’.

Inspired by the soulful voices of women such as Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill and Summer Walker, Rosita is no stranger to making music. The Gloucestershire (UK) native grew up being vocally trained in the art of musical theatre, jazz and soul from an early age. Fast forward to present day and Rosita has now found her own lane in the music scene; as an upcoming artist offering her own unique take on contemporary R&B.

“3AM was inspired by a late night studio session. It’s about being able to work alongside the person you’re in a relationship with, and how good it feels to create music together when you’re with them.”

– Rosita

Rosita – by Khali Ackford

Introduced with a simple percussive beat and Rosita’s gentle harmonising vocals, the track continues to reveal it’s many layers gradually, leading up to the beat drop and tuneful melody in the first chorus. Rosita continually repeats “3am, sessions” in her soft yet distinctive tone bringing a pleasantly hypnotic feel to the track.


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