Nashville’s Danny G releases new Pop-Hop single ‘Reeboks’

Nashville Tennessee’s Danny G returns to the airwaves once again with his latest single; a fun, bouncy, pop-hop track dedicated to the go-getting women of the world!

‘Reeboks’, named after the classic running trainer and inspired by his current girlfriend, is an intriguing musical offering that blends catchy, 808-heavy hip-hop beats with an airy and melodic pop-style chorus. The song brilliantly embodies the positive and uplifting spirit of Danny G through the melody, and the ambition and creativity of his partner through the lyrics and flow.

“Reeboks is a track about that girl who’s just a baller and does it her own way. I’ve loved Reeboks for a while and they’re just timeless so they’ll be around forever. Simple and fire, like the girl in the song. Nothing better than a classic pair of white Reeboks.”

– Danny G

The recent college graduate has garnered comparisons to artists like G-Eazy and Chance the Rapper, placing him in good stead for his future releases. Danny G coined the term ‘flow-pop’ to describe his music and rightly so; ‘Reebok’s’ is fun, fresh and just right for the summer, just like a new pair of white Reeboks!

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