Matilda Eyre and PLAMR team up on electronic indie-pop single ‘Water’

The global lockdown has undoubtedly put the music industry under new and unexpected pressures, although where innovation has been possible, we’ve seen and heard some amazing products this year. Two artists who began making a song together before the lockdown were Matida Eyre and PALMR, although undeterred, the pair finished the song over the internet while one was quarantined in Germany and the other in the UK.

The result is ‘Water’, a glassine piece of indie-pop electronica. Initally, the production is stripped back, putting Matilda Eyre’s impressive vocal centre stage, which effectively sets the cinematic atmosphere. Around a minute in, the track swings into full action, pulsating with electronic beats and sweeping synths. It’s equally bold and refined; a great example of collaborative work.

‘“Water’ is about stepping into your truth, your strength and finally going for everything that is important to you. It’s finally leaving all the heaviness behind and being free to run towards your goals. The song is wrapped in a delicate story about losing someone close to you in the beginning of the journey.” – Matilda Eyre

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