Silent Child releases new single ‘Normal’.

Silent Child returns with newest single ‘Normal’ and it is anything but the name suggests. The young writer and producer continues to wow with his irrefutable trend and signature style, ever expanding his catalogue at a pace that seemingly shows no sign of slowing down.

‘Normal’ is embedded with all the gritty guitar goodness and dramatic drops that we love about the talented artist and emanates a vocal purity with futuristic undertones running throughout that is so unmistakably – Silent Child. Lending a voice to our often hidden insecurities, he offers a hand and casts out a line to his listeners to reassure and comfort, letting them know they are not alone.

“Normal” is about insecurities. We all have that voice in our heads telling us that we aren’t good enough, or we are ugly, or unimportant. We’ve all had those days when we were at our lowest lows, but this song is about understanding that it’s part of being human to go through all this and to feel this way. No one is alone despite what your brain tells you and life can only be so low for so long. It can get better”. – Silent Child.


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