Indie-Pop quartet Rozelle release brand new single ‘Searching for A Revolution.’

Living together in Bristol, rambunctious Indie-pop quartet Rozelle have released their brand new single for 2020, ‘Searching for A Revolution’. Reflecting on the complexities and angst of the current state of things, this track explores themes of existence and identity of self, which follow Rozelle‘s usual topics for lyricism, pertaining to challenging stereotypes, addressing climate emergency and confronting societal pressures.

This newest addition features rich vocals, ascending, intricate guitar melodies and resounding bass tones. A pure example of glistening electro-pop, with flecks of Indie, elements of energetic alt-rock and mesmerising dreamscapes all tinged with atmospheric, elevated electronica.

With vocals reminiscent of well loved, old school Paramore, this exciting quartet have created their own iconic sound, tackling subjects with substance, lending their voices, their music and their art to create songs that are seriously worthy of support.


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