From Tasha Angela’s Hidden Gems EP, listen to standout golden soul single ‘Up To You’.

You won’t be able to help but sink into the luscious layers of cool production that sets the scene for Tasha Angela’s divine single ‘Up To You’, which features on her Hidden Gems EP alongside four other soulful siren songs. The steady pace of this whole track echoes the sentiment that love cannot be rushed, as Tasha so sweetly sings, “it’s up to you to find your way back home, / It’s up to you.” As the old saying goes, love is patient, love is kind.


Speaking about what drives this young Canadian artist to create music, Tasha Angela tells us that “I feel as though it’s the one thing that truly excites me when I wake up. When I hear a melody in my head and put the keys behind it and words to follow, it’s as if I can capture certain moments and make them last forever.”

Listen to ‘Up To You’ below and if you like what you hear, be sure to check out the Hidden Gems EP in full here.


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