Charlotte Rose Benjamin releases upbeat indie pop tune ‘Party City’.

Charlotte Rose Benjamin, hailing from the concrete jungle that is New York city has revealed the title track from her newest release, her debut EP, ‘Party City’.

Her breezy, breathy vocals lightly dust over a guitar based track, making for a lovely, upbeat, light hearted tune, infused with subtle synths and catchy, carefree lyrics. With  hints of Lana Del Ray emerging here and there, the video adds a bright and individualistic tone, complimenting the vibe of the song itself. Charlottes personality shines throughout, drawing you in and captivating you from beginning to end.

“It is an ode to the beloved party supplies store of the same name. It’s a
time capsule of my first year in New York throwing house parties on weekends. The verses recount a list of “could’ves,” places we could’ve gone, people we could’ve been or been with, while the chorus celebrates the present, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the moment.” – Charlotte Rose Benjamin.



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