Afonso releases a little piece of magic with debut single ‘Golden Hour’.

Newcomer Afonso begins 2020 by gifting us all with a little slice of pure magic, in the form of his debut release, ‘Golden Hour’. Radiating with warmth and soothingly soulful tones it is no surprise that this musician originates from the fiery lands of perfervid Portugal.

Citing influences such as Lianne La Havas and Nick Hakim, ‘Golden Hour’ encompasses elements as smooth, gentle and soft as a lullaby, building up to a glorious chorus and bathing your entire body as if you have just stepped out into the sun. Silky, satin like vocals caress your ear, perfectly paired with subtle progressive percussion, angelic guitar strokes and heavenly harmonies. This slow burner is sure to heat you up to the very core, so stay cosy, and ear-bathe in this jazz infused, soul centred, classic sound.

Consider yourself introduced to this truly unique artist and prepare yourself to get lost amongst the many dreamlike realms of Afonso.

To me, the Golden Hour represents the time in a day, where all sides in my personality combine into one harmonised and centred being. – Afonso.


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