Influences: Montreal’s Aaricia releases ‘For Two’, and talks us through some of the artists that inspire her

I’ve always been inspired by so many different genres. To name just five artists who inspire me right now is practically impossible but recently I’d have to say BANKS, Dominic Fike, Billie Eilish, Rosalia, Summer Walker and Ty Dolla $ign. Okay sorry I had to do at least six!

BANKS’ writing always hits so close to home, I feel like she’s watching over me. I’ve been a fan since day 1 and she never disappoints. The people she works with and her have such a vibrant synergy you can hear it. I’m always floored by the production of her songs. I love her sound. Also, her live shows are AMAZING.  

I’ve only discovered Dominic Fike recently through a friend but wow. He’s been on constant repeat since. If his EP is what he considers “demos”, I can’t wait for his first album. 

Billie Eilish is just something else. From her music to her style and personality; everything about her is so authentic and that makes her all the more endearing. Her stage presence is soooo impressive. I’ve never seen anyone control their crowd the way she does. There’s no explanation as to why Billie is one of my inspirations. She’s just a phenomenon.

Rosalía. Ugh. Her whole vibe, her melodies! I understand some parts because I’m Italian and there’s similarities but you don’t even need to understand to be mesmerized by her. I loved all her bangers but when I heard “Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero” she got me on a different level.

I could listen to one of Summer Walker’s songs and cry and then listen to that same song a week later and feel empowered af. I love that in an artist.

Ty Dolla $ign is a topline genius. He’s automatically recognizable in the best way. I’ve learned a lot by listening to his music and melodies. He’s definitely someone I’d love working with in the future.


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