London based songwriter Jolé releases his sumptuous new self-titled album

Josh Oliver is Jolé, a London based songwriter who has just released his new self-titled album. A swirling tour de force, it draws upon his various influences from The Beach Boys to Van Morrison; creating an expansive and expressive soundscape rich with melody. It’s dreamy soft-pop carried by glassy guitars and textured production; organic instrumentation adds depth and vibrancy – the perfect foundation for Jolé’s emotive vocal performances. Stand out tracks ‘Picture Perfect’, ‘All I Need’, and ‘Night Train’ show his songwriting chops; displaying an innate ability to craft glorious hooks.

“This album has been a labour of love for the last two years, not only because it’s the first album I have written as an artist but also because the songs represent an important time in my life. I wrote these songs over a period of a few months; some when I was travelling, some as I was just moving to London and some when I was going through a particularly difficult time in my personal life. With that came a mixture of emotions that I put in to songs resulting in this album. Its full of positivity, looking forward but also reflecting on the past and learning from experience.” – Jolé


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