London’s Orla Gartland releases ‘Why Am I Like This’ – a musing on anxiety and self-doubt

‘Why Am I Like This’ is the self-reflective new single from London-based songwriter and producer Orla Gartland. It comes hot on the heels of her last offering ‘I Go Crazy’, which is currently approaching 2 million streams on Spotify. Gartland’s ability to tackle serious subject manner with charm and wit is unparalleled on the indie scene; with charismatic vocals rising over a bed of plucked guitars and warm percussion. The hook is infectiously repetitive, cutting through the production and pulling the listener into Gartland’s introspective psyche.

“Why Am I Like This? started with me reflecting on a couple situations, filled with regret and forever fixated what I could have done, what I could have said.  As the chorus hits we cycle around the same question again and again, as if stuck in a loop – WHY AM I LIKE THIS?” – Orla Gartland


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