Moods shares reinvented sound in his debut album ‘Zoom Out’

Dutch recording artist and beatmaker Moods shares his reinvented sound in his newest album ‘Zoom Out‘. Contained within the album is ‘Awake In The Dark‘ (feat. James Chatburn), a charming exploration into Moods’ new stylised identity which blends indie, urban and electronic sounds. The track combines swirling synths, bold percussive elements and atmospheric soundscape for the chorus; all topped with cinematic vocals adding texture to a perfect production bed.

“For ​’Zoom Out’, I wanted to approach the LP with a focus on songs rather than ‘beats’. The whole project really threw me out of my comfort zones. When you’re working with vocalists directly you really have think and arrange things differently. The process felt a lot more collaborative and it definitely made me think a little more outside the box. There’s nothing more satisfying than challenging yourself and showing a new edge to what you do, but I was able to do this without losing the essence and signature style of the Moods project in the process.”  – Moods


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