Producer and songwriter Sapphire Adizes majestically reworks Donna Missal’s ‘Keep Lying’

Saxophonist, producer and songwriter Sapphire Adizes has just dropped what might be my favourite remix of the year. His reworking of Donna Missal’s ‘Keep Lying’ is a frenetic, mid-tempo masterclass. The production is underlined by a stunning distorted bass that punctures a flickering beat. Missal’s vocal is indubitable, as always; providing a smooth melodic counterpoint to Adizes’ groove-laden electronic sound-bed.

“This remix is the sound of the argument I lost with the girl I lost. I was frustrated, not with her but with the way we were failing. She was listening, but I couldn’t say what I needed to say, I couldn’t find the words, I was trying to remix this song and my frustration manifested in the distortion of the bass, and I played that bass back to myself louder and louder, it was the sound of all the words I couldn’t find, and I was too angry to do anything but make it louder. I finished the remix and went deaf in my left ear for two days. When the song finally left me, so did she.” – Sapphire Adizes


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