Influences: We get cinematic with Coach & Ref, from Blade Runner to Knight Rider – the sounds that went into their new single ‘3-D’

“From the very beginning Coach & Ref set out to find inspiration in more than just music. We wanted to create a mood, like a classic movie, a dogeared graphic novel, or a beloved television show from the past.”

The intro to Blade Runner is a masterpiece; we love so many 80’s and 90’s sci-fi intros, but this one stands above the rest. You’ll hear a nod to some of Vangelis’ timeless soundscapes from this scene in our first single “3-D”.

“The original THX system and logo were introduced in 1983 to ensure the soundtrack to Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi would be accurately reproduced in the best theatres. With the help of Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Beck, Moog Cookbook) we obsessively deconstructed this genius audio-snippet for our first single “3-D” by weaving Fairlight CMI orchestral emulations, Roger’s vintage Memory Moog, and B-17 airplane engine sounds.”

“Even though there aren’t that many overt orchestral sounds in our actual Coach & Ref recordings, we are supremely inspired by old movie scores. This clip of John Williams conducting “Adventures on Earth (From “E. T.”)” complete with early digital kanji titling is one of our all time favourites.”

“Whilst we’re on the John Williams tip, this intro to the Stephen Spielberg created 80s anthology series “Amazing Stories” (possibly rebooting through Apple streaming soon?) is one of his finest pieces. Tthe early CG is, well, amazing; the warble on this particular VHS transfer just makes us love it that much more!”

“Flippin’ it back to classic TV, we absolutely adore this original intro to Knight Ride; the mix of precise analog sequencing with pro session bass and drummer underlining up the coolest car shot ever gives us the goosebumps every time. These dark retro-future clips make it easy to understand why no one would ever even consider hassling the Hoff.”


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