New York based production duo Memba have dropped their new track ‘Flash’ via CloudKid

New York based production duo Memba, made up of members Ishaan Chaudhary and Will Curry, have dropped their new track ‘Flash’ via CloudKid. Synths sizzle, darting in and out of rhythmic percussion; sampled vocal melodies add texture and depth to the beat, laying the foundation for an ear worm of a hook that will be stuck in your head for days.

“I was always fascinated by music. I used to play drums in a rock band back in Holland when I was a kid. I kinda fell off music for a bit ‘till I got to uni. I went to UVA where I got roped into pledging a frat for a bit. It definitely got a ‘lil weird and I ended up quitting after a few months. I felt like I needed a change after that so I ordered a midi keyboard and Ableton. I haven’t looked back since.” – Chaudhary

“Growing up, my dad was a collector of instruments from around the world. I would spend loads of time playing around and finding my own ways to get sounds out of them. Naturally, electronic music really captured my attention because I was able to have access to virtually an endless amount of options when it comes to sound.” – Curry


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