Jesse Jo Stark releases ‘Dandelion’; a powerful, timeless ballad shaped around silky vocals

Jesse Jo Stark’s ‘Dandelion’ is a powerfully memorable track. Stark’s silky and dreamy vocals are beautifully amplified by bold choruses of guitar and drums to create a poignant anthem that harks back in some ways to the powerful pop ballads of the 70s.  This is not one to be missed; ‘Dandelion’ has an air of timelessness that ensures it will live on for years to come.

“When you hear my music, I hope it can embody a good day or get you through a shitty day, depending on the track,” she leaves off. “I hope you know it’s okay to be imperfect, weird, and act like a kid. Also, it’s that old world shit as much as it is young. I want you to sway my music. I don’t think anyone will come in and fist pump or grind, but I definitely think you’ll be swaying” – Jesse Jo Stark


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