Chatterbox: Lui Peng talks to us about his big fluffy dog, his new single ‘No Rush’ and his upcoming EP

Hey, thanks for chatting to us . Could you tell our readers something about yourself that they might not find out otherwise?

Soooo… I am a Leo, I have a big white fluffy dog named Coco. I am a qualified mixologist which means I can make you a mean cocktail! And if I wasn’t making music with my time, I would have probably gotten into either psychology or carpentry. I know. Random right?! Lol

Very! How would you describe the sound you’ve crafted over your last few releases?

I think the sound I’ve managed to accidentally craft over the past few releases display hints of nostalgia, in the themes of soul and pop. I’m a big fan of jazzy chords played by synths or e pianos. Layer that with maybe an 808 and a trappy kick and snare, woop we have ourselves a track! If thay doesn’t sound familiar, maybe I’m talking about the next wave of music to come 😉

What does the new single draw upon thematically?

The new single differs from the others in that the mood is a lot more light-hearted. It tells a simple story where boy meets girl but the girl keeps the boy at arms length. Instead of getting upset with the situation, I wrote No Rush as if to say, “look, I understand that you’re busy and I’m okay with it”. And I think it’s this unexpected reaction to the scenario and storyline that seems to have been a recurring theme across a few of my last releases.   

Did the tracks evolve significantly in the studio from the original demo?

YES. I hope no one ever hears the original demos hahaha

I want to hear it now! What do fans have to look forward toover the next few months?

The next few months will be pretty busy for me. Not only am I dropping a music video for No Rush, I’m also going to be releasing an EP, as well as performing a small tour in Asia. In the mean time, I will keep on creating new music and collaborating with amazing people so who knows. Might even have more music to drop 🙂


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