Crywolf gifts us with outstanding track ‘QUIXOTE’, delivering a cinematic and otherworldly listening experience

Crywolf delivers a serene, dark and cinematic palate with heavy new track ‘QUIXOTE’. The first in a series of forthcoming singles, ‘QUIXOTE’ showcases the continued evolution of Crywolf’s sound, featuring indie-electronic tones much like that heard in the works of producers such as James Blake and Bon Iver.  Yet, Crywolf’s sound remains strongly distinct in all of its complexity; heart-wrenching harmonies are accompanied by dynamic and passionate drums, which are in turn accompanied by high-powered electronic tones.  Rounding unexpected corners and revealing hidden gems, the seamless and intuitive layering of ‘QUIXOTE’ makes for a listening experience that can only be described as otherworldly.

“…Quixote was made in the height of my feverish state, a monument to the idea of embracing a sort of irresponsible recklessness when it comes to art; passionately pursuing ideals against all logic” – Crywolf


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