WESLEE release polished debut 7-track EP ‘9F’

WESLEE’s debut seven track EP ‘9F’ effortlessly captures both the expansive-sounding production and sticky hooks that etch the band’s music makeup.  Independently released, self-written, recorded and produced, ‘9F’ is an irresistible debut from the duo that captures both the joy and uncertainty of relationships.  Emma’s smooth vocals form the perfect accompaniment for the band’s left-of-centre songwriting that delves into sex, love and heartbreak.  The breezy, atmospheric pop of tracks like ‘Somebody’ and ‘Tongue Tied’ stand as staple millennial pop for anyone who’s found themselves in awkward lust driven situations.  The lavish slow jam ‘Sweat Dreams’ touches on not letting your mind get the best of you, and further shapes the themes presented in ‘9F’ as a whole.


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