Brooklyn based songwriter Sara Kendall releases ‘You Don’t Own Me’, an exploration of objectification and empowerment

Sara Kendall is a Massachusetts born, Brooklyn based dark-pop songwriter. Her music often explores themes of empowerment and introspective exploration. Her new single ‘You Don’t Own It’ is a firm stand against objectification; in it, Kendall’s vocal takes center stage – with precise and deliberate melodies dancing around ethereal production.

“‘You Don’t Own it’ is an unapologetic telling of situations where I have been objectified as a woman.  It’s a firm call out and empowering stand against it. It’s standing up for myself instead of wallowing in past events where I have felt wronged or damaged from. I wanted to look at these same experiences and reflect upon them with a different lens than I had previously.  Resentment and liberation from it can coincide and exist together in unison.”  – Sara Kendall


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