Premiere: Sweden-born Andreas Moss returns with ‘Deep Down Below’ – a piece of polished post-R&B

Andreas Moss is a Sweden-born Los Angeles native who has returned with his new single ‘Deep Down Below’ – a piece of polished post-R&B. Moss’ debut single ‘Thinking About You’ has hit 3.2 million plays on Spotify, appearing on editorial playlists such as ‘New Music Friday (US)’, ‘Global Viral 50’ and ‘Pop Rising’. His new offering is sure to receive the same kind of attention, with bouncy pop melodies and swirling electronic production.

“Deep Down Below is one of my favorites. Not just because It makes everyone lose themselves for 3 min and dance but also because there is actually a deeper darker underneath everything. The song is about probably one of the worst times in my life where I was stuck in a repetitive motion of meaningless sex and overall not really valuing others or myself as a human. I think it’s important to talk about what we’ve been through, cause it’s the only way we learn to have deeper grace for each other. More than anything though, it’s a fun song and I can’t wait for people to have it on repeat”Andreas Moss



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