geminibitchslap releases new single ‘t i d e’

‘t i d e’ is the new lo-fi indie offering from LA’s geminibitchslap. The emerging producer worked with Brooke Tomlinson to create a dark, sombre soundscape that drifts on a sparse beat.

“Brooke Tomlinson and I decided to collaborate together on this track. Initially we got together at her place in studio city. This was the first instrumental I pulled up, which I had made the night before and was super fired up about. She loved it, so we started freestyling some melodies while it played and rode the vibe. Almost immediately we came up with the entire song.” – geminibitchslap

“A lot of the vocals on the final recording were actually recorded right then and there using the microphone built into her macbook. After that, we got together for one more quick session to fill in some gaps and do some back vocals. Then I sent the track to faedaway for a mix and this is the result. I’m really proud of this song, it’s really the first time I’ve ever collaborated like this and Brooke absolutely nailed it.” – geminibitchslap



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