Premiere: Bret James releases his new record ‘Thank You’ via Lowly Palace

Los Angeles based producer and songwriter Bret James has just dropped his new single ‘Thank You’ via Lowly Palace. An LA native, born and raised, Bret James Loehr has been immersed in the entertainment industry since day one. He has been a jobbing musician, actor, and performer since the tender age of five; and now he’s focusing on crafting his own sound and developing as an artist.

Opening with glitchy samples and smooth vocals, ‘Thank You’ develops a sultry tone. A jazzy guitar and piano based beat underpins soaring melodies; James details an encounter with a girl, who unbeknownst to him, is a dab hand at smoking. The off kilter percussion takes you right into that space, evoking sweet smoke filled bedrooms and laid-back light ups.

“The track is inspired by an innocent looking girl with an unknown wild side,” says Bret.

Bret is a member of “The 13th Grade” collective, which includes emerging talents NGHTMRE, J-Louis, Slander and Zacari, amongst others. These relationships have allowed James to cultivate a growing support system that feeds into his artistic endeavours.


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