Chatterbox: Rian Paris

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Rian Paris, A musical artist from New Jersey. I just released a 4 song EP. The name of the EP is “Not as Lost as You Think” and everyone can go stream it on Apple Music or Spotify! Ummm I suck at answering these types of questions but I’ll try my best. Growing up I always had a passion for music and always found the best way to express myself was through music. As a little kid I always knew I wanted to be a musician when I got older but didn’t know where I would even start. My favorite word is Freedom and thats what makes me so thankful, because I can now wake up every single day and do what I truly want to and always dreamed of. One day the money is no longer going to matter and thats when the passion comes in and if there’s no passion, you’ll just be miserable. All I can say is this is just the beginning of something great and I am so thankful.

Where did the new single come from?

Well, My most popular song “Pursuit Of Sadness” is just one of the songs off my latest EP. It honestly took me a hour and a half to write it and any song writer can relate that when you’re writing a song and the lyrics just come rushing to you, you know you’re onto something. There’s not one person that heard that song and didn’t start randomly dancing to it, anywhere from old ladies to kids. That’s when I realized “The world needs to hear this” and that’s what pushes me to get this song the exposure it needs. The beat just brings such a sad yet up tempo vibe that any age will love.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Yes, plenty. Every week I write 2-3 songs and I just itch to release but I feel like if I give the world too much songs they’ll know what to expect from me. I believe in quality over quantity and too much of anything is never good. It’s always about putting the listeners first as well, If someone can’t relate to your song then they don’t want to hear it. My latest EP took over a year to write, construct and get everything together. I feel like until the world hears it and feel the love I put into it, I shouldn’t put out anything else and move ahead of myself. I want to continue to build my fanbase and let them grow with me because the next step is HUGE. But not until the world hears this EP. (Not as Lost as You Think)

What’s on the horizon for you?

Right now I’m working on getting everyone to know my name, Rian Paris.. I’m not releasing new music anytime soon. I want “Not as Lost as You Think” to be as big as possible before I release new content BUT I’m always writing new music so you never know haha. In the meantime everyone, Go Stream “Not as Lost as You Think” On Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Shazam, etc


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