Chatterbox: SmCity

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

DC born and raised. In the city I’m known for the lyrics but also throwing some of the dopest shows. I was doing a concert series,  “The Indie Life” where we brought down everybody from Big Krit to Freeway. I’ve opened for Kendrick at SOB’s, Jeezy and Drake in Delaware, the list is crazy. Lately however been focusing on just the music. I’m trying to put together some shit that pushes the culture forward, something different but familiar – something new age but classic. Thats the mission.

Where did the new single come from?

Honestly the idea hit me a couple days before we dropped! I got a crazy light bulb and just got inspired, the timing of the eclipse, whats going on across america,while the eclipse crosses america… artistically there is so much to build off of. Honestly, inspiration has been a little slow to come to me nowadays, I’m not making music like I used to. It’s a lot of factors, but mainly this game is just not the place I expected it to be. The climate of hip-hop, what gets people excited these days is not what I’m about. So whenever I get a spark of inspiration I have to jump on it ASAP, they are not as frequent as before for me. It’s a good thing I just have a dope team that can move on a dime when my random ass is ready lol.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Absolutely, I think im inspired to finish the rest of the album. I’ve been working on “Being Supreme” since last year in spurts but what I have in the can already is some of my hardest shit, but thats what artists always think lol. I’ve been putting together the pieces, making sure when it drops it will get the attention it deserves. Thats honestly the biggest determining factor for me about releasing music. I’m only dropping if I have a setup, if I know the audience will be primed to listen. I’m not just trying to waste my shit, it’s not disposable, my work is usually packed with all kinds of symbolism and metaphors. I need to know people will hear it.

What’s on the horizon for you?

Honestly, I dont know. I’ve reached a place in music where just like in the song “I just rap when I feel like it”. I’m not in a place like I was talking about in that first verse where I’m willing to derail my whole life or let music eclipse everything else. At the same time, I’ve got something thats undeniable. One of my records made Dr. Dre’s Pharmacy playlist on Beats One last year. I know Ive got something that one listen away from the right person changing my life. So, I’m just going with the flow, making sure when I’m ready to drop, when it’s time, I’ll be ready.


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