Chatterbox: Ant-Live x BigCat

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

A-L: I’m Ant-Live, a rapper/audio engineer from VA Beach, VA in the US. I’ve been making music since 2012 if not earlier. I’ve met a lot of good people through the love of music

BC: I’m BigCat, a producer from BC, Canada. I’ve been making music since 2012 & it’s really all i do..

Where did the new single come from?

A-L: Me and BigCat have worked for a long time. So it just came natural, I’ve cooked up a lot on his instrumentals and most of the time it turns out beautiful, even though we haven’t linked in person yet. That will be an amazing track when we do it. After BC wanted to work on a different project direction, we wanted to drop it as a single and I also wanted to place it on my own project

BC: Ant & I have been working since I started producing, I was a fan first, he was one of the people who really got me making beats. Earlier this year I was working on a follow up project to my last LP, ‘[STATES]’. but ended up canning the project. I knew this song was too good to leave sitting around so we decided to release it.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

A-L: Past. present. Future. Always. Me and BigCat always working. We got fire coming that hasn’t even been made yet, I can feel it in the air

BC: Ant & I always got something in the vault, we’re sitting on a decent amount of songs that will possibly make his next project. We also have some dope stuff together coming on our mutual friend Jetlag’s upcoming album

What’s on the horizon for you?

A-L: Always working. I have a few EPs im working on, as well as working with Jetlag for his future album, filled with lots of heavy hitters including a track from me & Lil Yachty. I just wanna work to be a better overall artist.

BC: Next up for me is “I Feel Different Ways on Different Days 2” with my boy Jay Cue of NRK, all produced by me.
Other than that just keep working day in & day out and collaborate with my peers as much as possible.


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