Chatterbox: Warren

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey, I’m Warren. I’m a born & bred London girl- singer, songwriter & producer. I’d describe my sound as dark nocturnal R&B, blended with 90s nostalgia. I studied music at the infamous Brit School but I’d say I’m not your typical stage school kid, I’m a bit of a rebel, & like to do things my way. So I guess that’s what spurred me on to start making my own beats…

I had all these sounds in my head that I wanted to experiment with and books full of scribbled down lyrics. I just wanted to make something that was really genuine. I’m also really into visual art and do all my artwork. I write songs about life, love, & personal experience… so if we’ve met, I’ve probably written a song about you! Other than that, I’m a bit of a tom-boy, a sucker for astrology, and you can make me smile with a bunch of roses.

Where did the new single come from?

 I’ve just released my debut EP ‘That Girl’. It’s a collection of songs that capture my vibe as an Artist. I wrote Waterfall in a session with up & coming Grime/R&B producer Nastylgia. The concept came together really quickly after we bonded over our mutual love for 00s Timbaland beats. Although its written like a love song, for me the song is about taking risks, diving into the unknown, and facing fears.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Yes, firstly I can’t wait to release my first music video! I’ve got a load more songs ready to release so we’ll see… I’ve also been producing a lot for other artists so you can definitely expect to hear some cool collaborations and features coming out soon.

What’s on the horizon for you?

I’ll be announcing some live dates over Summer where I’ll be performing the EP… that’s the fun part, nothing compares to the energy of a live audience! Other than that, I’ll be in the studio working away on my next project… I’m so grateful for the support I’ve had so far and everyone that’s riding this wave with me…I can’t wait to put more music out for them. 

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