Chatterbox: Kallaway

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Kallaway and I’m an artist (rapper and producer) from Akron, Ohio (closest big city is Cleveland 30 minutes away; same city LeBron James grew up in). I have a pretty unconventional story and background which has a big influence on my music. In 2011, I went to Miami University (OH) to study business and was introduced to music in a big way for the first time at school. Throughout college I would go to parties and freestyle (pass my phone around and people would write words on a list and then I would rap down the list), but I never really took music that seriously in school. I was told my whole life that the most important thing was to get good grades and get a really good job. I bought into that mentality and found myself working in management consulting when I graduated.

I quickly realized that I was a creative at heart, longed for the ability to freely create, and couldn’t see myself working in this corporate lane for the rest of my life. For a long time, no one at my work knew I was an aspiring rapper, spitting verse after verse every night in my hotel room because I would show up to work the next day, dressed and professional and deliver what they needed with no questions asked. I’m trying to be an inspiration. If 100,000 people hear my song, and just one starts that vlog or ramps up that video production company or writes that book, then I consider that a success.

I believe music is such an unbelievable medium because there are no preconceived religions, races, ethnicities, ages, etc tied to an unknown artist. If you hear a song for the first time from an artist you’ve never heard before, all you know is the feeling and inspiration you did or didn’t get from that sound and those words. To me, that is such an amazing concept to chase coming from someone who has been put in a box their entire life. This is just the beginning, but I’m super excited for the potential of where this can take me.

Where did the new single come from?
The single, Grammy, is the 6th track on the mixtape, which is called Misunderstood. The entire mixtape can be found at ( The song is about the road to winning a grammy. I like to set crazy high (almost unfathomable) goals for myself, and finding a way to win a grammy is one of them. The hook talks about how my friends and family would laugh at me when I would tell them I was working on something special. The close homies always provide love, but still had heavy doubts in the back of their minds. But that’s life – it’s tough to give someone the benefit of the doubt in a creative outlet when they’ve never shared anything before. Fortunately, the project turned out pretty well and a lot of people are excited to see what’s next.

Is there more content in the pipeline?
Absolutely! Currently working on promoting project #1 and creating for project #2. My hope was that Misunderstood can get in the hands of someone(s) in music and can open some doors for me collaborating with other artists or even getting to work in a real studio. I made Misunderstood with relatively no equipment in a bedroom/hotel by myself. I think the vibe is so crucial to creating next level music so ultimately would love to start experiencing different vibes around other artists to keep pushing the quality and depth moving forward.

What’s on the horizon for me?
A lot of things on the horizon right now! Trying to get Misunderstood shared everywhere to spread my unique sound as well as trying to pioneer my own lane. I’m a big fan of dance music as well and think there’s a cool opportunity to experiment with a sound using EDM style beats with harder rap verses to make a cool fusion. See tracks ‘Cool Cool’ and ‘Hourglass’ on the mixtape for my first stab at that idea. I’m still experimenting with different sounds and styles, but plan to keep the deep, witty lyrics a consistent staple throughout. Also looking towards starting to put a set together for a live show, something I would love to start doing given the opportunity.

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