Chatterbox: Evan Nachimson

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Evan Nachimson. I’m constantly changing and incredibly complex. Some days I can’t get out of bed and want to hide from the whole world. I have major depression that is crippling. I swear i’ve spent years of my life in my head, on auto-pilot, while not present. Great music and art are some of the only things that get me out of bed and out of my head.. I believe in great songwriting. I’m a god damn songwriter first. It drives my artistry. Great songs have the ability to emotionally validate someone who doesn’t get validation elsewhere. I was the kid whose voice felt oppressed. Whose opinion “didn’t matter”. I was short as hell and have red hair. I was always a little bit different, and always felt deeper, saw farther, hurt longer, and loved harder. I could always fit in and but I always stuck out. Songwriting was and is pure expression and freedom. My music offers you a safe space to be. (Whatever to “be” means for you) Escape your madness. Or even better…understand it. 
Where did the new single come from?
It came from years and years of real living and real writing and rewriting. Finding the right words and music and never settling for less. From the halls of Owings Mills High School in Maryland to a couch in Nashville, to libraries in Boston to the The Candle Room in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It came from loving someone wholly and holy. Of real hurting and searching and digging and discovering and falling and falling and falling and…It was born when the sweetest part of your heart and soul got stunned into numbness but, you’re still human so you’re programmed to love but, you’re also programmed to want what you can’t have so it’s confusing and it hurts and you’re hurting. 
Man, it comes from that corner of the heart thats light grows dim as time ages and you have to fight for that light to stay on but that hopeful light keeps on flickering… It comes from being in that lightless place and accepting its darkness. And surrendering to it. And understanding its pit falls. Its ability to make you flip on yourself. Its ability to make yourself lonely because you’re scared of falling in love again. It comes from being in love with someone because they show you a glimpse of a love that you haven’t yet developed, grown, or shown yourself and once that love is over you’re left with nothing at all because how can you be left with a love you never had for yourself in the first place? 
When I sing Stone Heart, the lyrics remind people of their first heartbreak. But, it’s the music that reminds them how they persevered and became better and wiser from it.
Is there more content in the pipeline?
Yes. Follow me on Spotify. Come to the Candle Room in Brooklyn. You’ll have to subscribe to my email list for an invite ( or “like” my facebook page (www.facebook,com/enachmusic). It’s quite secretive and quite the party.
What’s on the horizon for you?
Joy, Love, Pain, Pleasure, Ups, Downs, Heartache, Happiness, Loss, Friendship, Good times, Bad times, Too much time, Too much suffering, Too little awareness, too much awareness, and hope. I am certain human civilization will continue on without me. I am certain that my music and lyrics will too. 

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