Chatterbox: Eventide

Hey, could you give us some background on the new single?

The earliest development of Rain Check went down over the summer, when Matt and I were living in Santa Monica, CA. It started out as sort of a dancy, upbeat track, but we wanted a sound that was a little more in-line with our vision as to what the next Eventide style/vibe should be. So, Matt took the vocal melodies and created a smooth, synth based production with clean guitar accompaniments, in order to achieve a sound that we both liked, and one that we felt fit the “Eventide” brand and style.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Always more content in the pipeline. We are shooting for another single release in April. We have become more active on social media recently, so if anyone is seeking out visual/textual content from us, check out our socials @eventide_music.

What’s on the horizon for Eventide?

On the horizon: Continued growth and evolution of sound. There is so much to explore within music, and we love using Eventide as a means to express our creativity.

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