Chatterbox: Sunhaze

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Danae and I am the lead singer/ lyricist/ rhythm guitar player of SF based band Sunhaze. I play in this band with four other majestically talented humans that have made this brain child a reality. We’ve been together for about 3 and a half years and have released an EP (Last Summer in 2014) and a LP in 2016 entitled Wishful Thinking- where you can find this track!

How did the new single come about?

I started writing this single while I was strumming my unamplified electric guitar in a dark and damp garage in the outer sunset of SF. The words came organically as I thought about my (now ex) boyfriend and where we were in our lives at that time. In my lyrics I try to express how when we stay in the shadows of a relationship we bruise, we’re black and blue, we loose each other- and how all we want and need is to let in the light, be near each other. To hold each other closer.

To ultimately just open up the doors to each other and let everything out. Breathing in everything the other has to say and understanding them, smiling with them, crying with them. This single came from my feeling and desire for growth with this person. I always felt the instrumentation in this song does a great job at reflecting this as well. The steady growing of layers in the intro to the emotionally loud end with wailing harmonies. The band really pulled my initial idea together with their own ideas for instrumentation which I never could have done alone.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

We have definitely been working on some new stuff that we are so excited to share. We’ve already premiered one of our newer tracks at one of our shows at Neck of the Woods a few weeks ago. It’s been great experimenting with different ideas and sounds and incorporating this into our new stuff. We’re really excited to solidify and complete the handful of tracks that we’ve already started!

What’s on the horizon for Sunhaze?

As for our horizon- we see a summer tour to Southern California! That’s originally where a couple of us Sunhazers are from and we think it would be awesome to bring our sound down there to share with everyone. We’re trying to stop in Santa Barbara, LA and maybe San Diego. On top of that we are hoping to release another single this year as well as an EP early next year.

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